Dec 2010

SCOD Christmas Gifts?

We have made an affiliation with the Yachting Studio who supply a number of tasteful SCOD related items - mugs, plates and cards. Please use the link below and ‘Enter the Studio’ and navigate via the ‘classes index’ to have a look.

2010 AGM

The 2010 AGM was held at the Itchenor Sailing Club on November 20th, hopefully members will have received the minutes by post from the Hon Treasurer. The two main issues discussed were the increasing cost and efficacy of the SCOD mooring in Cowes and the support of the BCYC Regatta over Cowes Week.
The mooring in Cowes is now supplemented by all paid up members. The main period of use is during Cowes Week and the RIR, however during the RIR event this year there was not enough space to accommodate all the SCODs and those boats who arrived late were forced to find alternative berths. The mooring provided is not a walk ashore, necessitating a harbour ferry (or tender) to get ashore, the cost of which negates the ‘free’ mooring if a full crew make two trips. It was suggested that the money for the mooring could possibly be used for encouraging more members to take up racing (perhaps by supplementing entry fees for newcomers) or by supplementing walk ashore moorings in Cowes.
Two SCODs took part in the BCYC regatta (Classic Cowes) this year and have reported back very favourably. The Racing Sec has informed us that if four more SCODs take part we will be given our own start and is encouraging SCOD owners to choose this event over Cowes Week.
It was also suggested that the SCOD trophies, many of which are no longer raced for, should be given a permanent home, possibly a cabinet at the ISC.
Please feel free to voice your opinions on these issues and any others you may have on the forum. A decision is anticipated at the 2011 meeting in February/March