Jan 2017

Tio Pepe sails again!

Over the summer of 2016 a group of students from the International Boatbuilding Training College Portsmouth, with assistance from the Scod Association, have been repairing SC3 Tio Pepe.

Tio Pepe had been languishing in Gosport Boat Yard for a number of years and had been assigned to the 'forgotten corner'. Built by Clare Lallow in 1955, for one of the founder members of the Scod Association Major P.W. Moore, she has the sail number 3 but was actually the sixth Scod to be built. A comprehensive restoration was undertaken in 2004 by Wicor Marine, included a new Beta engine, but she has been used little in the intervening years and fell into disrepair. She is now back in the water with major repairs undertaken, a complete engine refurbishment (despite having just 1 hour on the clock!)and is now looking for a new owner. Some internal works are still required but these are mainly cosmetic and are relatively straightforward - offers are invited to secure a historic Scod with an impressive racing pedigree. Please email Jon Carver for more details and/or test sail.