Apr 2009

Aallotar Classic Boat

In the May edition of Classic Boat there is a five page article on an Australian couple's voyage down the French canals on John Howell's old SCOD, Aallotar SC34. It is an informative piece with some nice pictures, including shots of an economic solution for dealing with an absent mast boot!

SCOD row

Firecracker, Bush Baby, Simon Bolivar and Santiano await relaunch outside Nick Gate's workplace at Thornham Marina

scod row

Toppin ll

Toppin II (SC99)has been lying on her mooring at Hoo Ness Yacht Club on the River Medway for some years and is now being offered for sale by the club. In need of attention to the decks and cockpit her hull is deemed sound with no leaks, she is open to OIRO 5000 by sealed bid to the Honorary Secretary, the bids close on 28th April 2009 and a decision will be made as to her disposal on the 12th May, see For Sale page for contact details