Apr 2013

Rally and RIR

A reminder that there is a Scod Rally on the 27th April at the Folly Inn, PO32 6NB. The walkashore pontoon has been reserved and a table booked for an evening meal at 2000, high tide is at 1305. Please let Dom Brady know if you wish to attend socialsec@scod.org.

Also, please note the closing date for standard entries for the Round the Island Race close on May 11th. Measurement details for Scod entry are below:
L.O.A. 7.925 Mtrs
L.W.L. 6.4 Mtrs
Beam. 2.38 Mtrs
Draft. 1.6 Mtrs

Empty Weight 4215 Kilos
Displacement 4636 Kilos

Sail measurements
Main Hoist 9.3 Mtr
Main Foot 3.87 Mtr
Main half width 2.35 Mtr
Main three quarter width 1.31 Mtr
Main area 17.9 sq Mtr

Genoa or largest headsail.
Luff length 7.16 Mtr
Luff perpendicular 3.76 Mtr
Area 13.0 sq Mtr