Welcome to the website of the South Coast One Design Association.

The South Coast One Design (SCOD) is a 25ft 11in (7.7m) long-keeled cruiser/racer designed by the late Charles Nicholson in 1955. 106 SCODs were built up until 1970 by a variety of buiders including: Burnes, Clare Lallow, Camper & Nicholson, Woodnutts and WA Souter, the majority of these are still in use today and have ranged as far as the Americas and Australia.

The founding members resolved :
"The object of the Class shall be to produce a cheap, seaworthy, fast one design with good cruising accommodation, able to race as a class or in handicap events. No boat shall race in the class without full cruising equipment on board and the Class rules shall be so framed that no owner shall gain any advantage due to his or her financial position."

The aim of the SCOD Association is to further the interest of the class, particularly with respect to racing.